♥ Meet the Girls ♥





Katz Meow “Silver” Lining

Blue Point

Born 7/18/17 –  ZsaZsa X Tanner

4 Months Old – Nov. 2017

9 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old

Katz Meow Ms. Jazmyn

Seal Point

Born 1/31/17 Gabby X Tanner

Look for her kittens in 2018

A Real Beauty that Looks and Acts like her Mom Gabby

“IN YOUR FACE” Kind of cat

10 Months Old – Nov. 2017

6 Months Old

10 Weeks Old

…already runs the show…

Eight Weeks Old

mesmerized by the sun’s warmth

3 weeks old

“Java Jolt”… Chocolate Point

born 7/26/16 Sassy X Thomas

3rd generation at Katz Meow… her grandparents are Gabby X Theo (Sassy’s parents)

One Year Old

9 Months Old

Can be such a dear… IF she sits still

7 months old

10 weeks old

6 weeks old


3 weeks old

Chyna … Lilac Point


Gabby … Seal Point


Gabby at 1½ years old

Gabby at 12 weeks old


Sassy … Seal Point

Gabby X Theo

Sassy is 4 years old… photo taken Summer 2017

Sassy at 6 weeks old

Sassy with her siblings

9 weeks old

Sassy at 9 months old

On top of her world



Sheba … Seal Point

Gabby X Thomas

Suki is 4 months & Sheba is 5 months

Sheba & Smurfette grew up together

6 months old

Ava & ZsaZsa … Seal Points

Ava – 1 year old – she is very affectionate

9 Months Old

left = ZsaZsa          right = Ava

↕ 11 weeks old ↕

Ava standing next to Godiva

ZsaZsa chillin’ on the cat condo – 7 months old

Godiva … Chocolate Point

Heidi X Thomas

Godiva with her litter mates – 7 weeks old

4 months old




Suki … Seal Point

Heidi X Thomas




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