♥ Meet the Girls ♥





Katz Meow “Silver” Lining

Blue Point

Born 7/18/17 –  ZsaZsa X Tanner

9 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old

Katz Meow Ms. Jazmyn

Seal Point

Born 1/31/17 Gabby X Tanner

Look for her kittens in 2018

6 Months Old

A Real Beauty that Looks and Acts like her Mom Gabby

“IN YOUR FACE” Kind of cat

10 Weeks Old

…already runs the show…

Eight Weeks Old

mesmerized by the sun’s warmth

3 weeks old

“Java Jolt”… Chocolate Point

born 7/26/16 Sassy X Thomas

3rd generation at Katz Meow… her grandparents are Gabby X Theo (Sassy’s parents)

Look for her kittens Autumn 2017

One Year Old

9 Months Old

Can be such a dear… IF she sits still

7 months old

10 weeks old

6 weeks old


3 weeks old

Chyna … Lilac Point


Gabby … Seal Point


Gabby at 1½ years old

Gabby at 12 weeks old


Sassy … Seal Point

Gabby X Theo

Sassy is 4 years old… photo taken Summer 2017

Sassy at 6 weeks old

Sassy with her siblings

9 weeks old

Sassy at 9 months old

On top of her world



Sheba … Seal Point

Gabby X Thomas

Suki is 4 months & Sheba is 5 months

Sheba & Smurfette grew up together

6 months old

Ava & ZsaZsa … Seal Points

Ava – 1 year old – she is very affectionate

9 Months Old

left = ZsaZsa          right = Ava

↕ 11 weeks old ↕

Ava standing next to Godiva

ZsaZsa chillin’ on the cat condo – 7 months old

Godiva … Chocolate Point

Heidi X Thomas

Godiva with her litter mates – 7 weeks old

4 months old




Suki … Seal Point

Heidi X Thomas




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