I started breeding in 2007 and currently have kittens living in these areas:

Lower Michigan, UP Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Carolina, West Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Jerusalem, Israel.  All were picked up in my home.

Meet Lilac Pt. “Clark” & Seal Pt. “Louie”

Clark (Godiva X Tanner)                Louie (Gabby X Thomas)

1½ year old Lilac Male “Shelley” is named after owners favorite poet

Born 1/22/16 to Darla X  Thomas

It’s a Tough LIFE… but somebody has to do it!

Charlotte & MacGregor from Gabby X Thomas

6 months old Clio says “Look into my Eyes…”

Sheba X Tanner – born 1-6-17

During 1st appt. with new owner at Airport Veterinary Hospital, Rorey & Riley were part of a commercial movie that will be played at MJR Theaters before the movie starts. They are STARS!

Suki X Tanner born 3/16/17

3 month old Lilac Point “Jack” is fixed but it hasn’t slowed him down

Chyna X Thomas born 2/22/17

Meet Birthday Boy “JINX”

Seal Point born 5-23-16 Godiva X Kole

 He follows me everywhere around the house and is always in my business and supervising what I do. He even greets us and other guests at the door… very social! If you toss a cat nip mouse he will go grab it in his mouth and bring it right back to you.

Callie is 1 year old

 female Chocolate Point  born 5-23-16 Godiva X Kole


Gabby X Thomas

“He is leash trained and gets walked daily along with our other 2 cats (Russian Blue and Ragdoll) in the spring, summer and fall!
He LOVES his walks!”

Jordie is 1 year old

“He weighs 11# and has learned to use the scratching post instead of the furniture.”

Sheba X Kole born 4/10/16

Miles is 5 & Macy is 4.5 but still true brothers

Hannah X Thomas

Lucy is 4

Heidi X Thomas-Same parents as Suki’s

“She is just simply fabulous and our dearest friend!”

Healthy Boy “FenFen” is almost 2

“can’t imagine life without him”

Hannah X Thomas born 6/13/15

Tito & Diego are 1 Year Old

Suki X Kole born 2/15/16

What a Grand Photo of

Jane’s Classic Lilac female “Violet”

Willow X Thomas

NOT in the MOOD for anymore pictures today

Is this really MY chair?

Chocolate female born 8/3/13 Godiva X Theo

♦♦We Are International ♦♦

Tiko lives in Jerusalem, Israel

Heidi X Kole  – born Jan. 5, 2015  

Heidi’s last litter & Kole’s 1st litter

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦



Now you see him…

Now you don’t…

Chloe is 2 years old (Darla X Thomas 8/28/14)

Blue Point “Violet” is One Year Old

born 8-1-15 to Darla X Thomas

BFF Brothers

4 month old “Niko” Seal Pt. & “Ty” Blue Pt. (Suki x Kole)

Sister & Brother…Charlotte & MacGregor squirrel watching!

She is petite and he weighs 15# – from Gabby X Thomas

Blue Point “BASTA”

Basta’s parents flew to Detroit Metro Airport from Florida, rented a car and drove to my house to meet their new kitten and then drove back to the airport the same day to fly back with their kitten in coach with them.


Iris & Violet are 3 years old…born 1-3-14 Godiva X Theo



     My old website had a Purrfect Scrapbook – many photos dating back to some of my first siamese kittens that were born here and their mothers.  But unfortunately… August 2016, my old site got a Ddos attack and all was lost. That was 8 years of photos… heaven knows where I filed them away to and on which computer or thumb drive… but here’s a few I have found.

Double click on any photo below to enlarge it.


Siamese Kittens Michigan