Meet Our Stud Muffins


♥  ♥  ♥  ♥



Males usually are more affectionate and laid back as a rule, no hissy issues that females can have and always good with kids and other pets.



Future Stud

Chester … Blue Point

4 Months Old

9 Weeks Old

Tanner … Seal Point

Destined to make all the girls sigh…

New Photos below 10/25/18

Three Years Old

Photo below taken January 2018 – Tanner is 2 years old


Tanner at 12 weeks old (same condo)

Tanner 3 months old

Tanner 4 months old

Tanner 5 months old





Most people believe that only boy cats spray… but did you know that girl cats do it also?  They both use this behavior to mark their territory.  Female cats spraying can go unnoticed unless you are another cat!  If you have your kitten altered before they are sexually mature spraying should not be an issue.  So don’t let spraying influence your choice of gender.